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K9s Talking Scents

Oct 27, 2021

In this Episode I speak with Craig Koshyk and Bart Rogers. We discuss the history of breeds and why they do what they do. We go over why we tend to pick dogs they way we do in the USA and what we really need to pay attention to.... more than just what the breed is. Often times decisions are made based off what a handler likes vs what a handler needs. Also, little is considered as to the genetic history of the dog. A pointer is not just a pointer and a lab may not be just a retriever.


Craig Koshyk: Craig is a self proclaimed dog nut, canine historian, photographer and writer. He has studied breeds and their history all over the world. Check out his work at


Bart Rogers: Bart has been developing and training explosives detection dogs, and instructing handler courses, for 10 years. Bart specializes in the foundational training of green dogs for explosives detection. He has successfully trained hundreds of explosives detection dogs for groups including VWK9, ATF, Department of Justice, and others. Wildlife conservation Bart has trained and deployed dogs for ecological conservation of: Eastern striped and Eastern spotted skunk, Black bear ,Burmese and North African rock pythons in the Florida Everglades Bonneted bat, Protected sport fish species (developed and implemented first Illegal Fish Filet Detection dog program for the Alabama Marine Resources Enforcement Department) Biological detection In addition to training dogs for operational services Bart has also been involved in training dogs for olfactory detection research of biological targets, including the first dogs trained to detect a live virus. Animal-assisted therapy Bart has trained service and assistance dogs for the Veterans Administration, and trained the first therapy dog for Auburn University's Student Counseling Services. Visit Bart's site


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