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K9s Talking Scents

Jul 1, 2021

Dr. Concha is a Postdoctoral research associate at the US Army Research Office. Dr. Concha has 20 years of experience that encompasses working in clinical animal behaviour, working as a detection dog trainer, and working as a researcher. She earned her PhD in animal behavior from the University of Lincoln (UK), has worked with Medical Detection Dogs (UK), and has worked with Police and Military Working Dogs across the world. Her primary research area is the study of canine olfactory performance and developing novel technologies to measure alert responses in detection dogs. Dr. Concha is currently working with Military Working Dogs to identify cognitive, sensory, and morphological markers associated with key performance metrics in dual- purpose Military Working Dogs at Lackland Air Force Base (USA). Contact Dr. Concha on Facebook at SHOW SPONSORS: American Tactical K9: SEMINAR September 27 to October 1 at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center The American Tactical K9 Association, provides training, educational programming, and assistance to the military and law enforcement communities in police/ military K9 procedures, operations, and tactics. The educational programs and training offered are specifically designed to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement and military personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange between the professional law enforcement and military community. The American Tactical K9 Association solicits donations and contributions donated by businesses and individuals to offset the cost of training and educational programs which are scheduled on a regular basis. FORD K9: LOOKING FOR YOUR NEXT DOG? Contact us here at Ford K9 to purchase your next fully trained Detection Dog. Now you can also pick one of our raised puppy to detection dogs. Email Ford K9 MOBILE CLASSROOM - We come to YOU. Any one of our classes and seminars can come to you and your area. Contact us today to schedule. FORD K9 in LAS VEGAS: Attend any one of our classes or seminars. Ford K9 now offers the new CSDT (Certified Sport Detection Dog Trainer) classes. We offer Level 1 and Level 2. Becoming a CSDT will help you develop as a trainer and become more familiar and efficient as a trainer working with all types of dogs and handlers wanting to join in the great sport of scent detection. Do you want to become a professional handler in Conservation or SAR or other Detection disciplines? Ford K9 also offers CPDT (Canine Police/Professional Detection Dog Training School ) Levels 1, 2, and Master Trainer. This is for Handlers and Trainers or those working professional detection dogs such as Explosive, Firearm, Narcotic and Electronic Media / Cell Phone Detection, Conservation, SAR / Human Remains, Currency and more. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for K9s TALKING SCENTS PODCAST you now have all kinds of gear for you guys from Shirts, Hats, Mugs and more just got to and click on the ONLINE STORE