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K9s Talking Scents

Nov 20, 2020

This is a powerful episode where we talk to the Commanding officer and unit Sgt. of the prestigious NYPD Transit Bureau K9 unit. This unit is comprised of over 50 dog teams and protect NY City for every major event that happens, from UN National Assembly, US OPEN, New Year's Eve, Times Square, the entire subway system in their jurisdiction, and so much more.  We cover the "value of failure" and pushing yourself outside your comfort levels so you and your dog can grow as a team.  Hope you enjoy it.


Lt. John Pappas: over 25 years of Law enforcement experience. I started my career with the Amtrak Police, and in 1997 I joined the NYC Police Department. I rapidly rose through the ranks and became a Lieutenant in 2005. That same year I was tasked with creating the newest specialized unit within the NYPD, the Transit Bureau Canine Unit. The purpose of the unit is to deploy highly trained canine teams to perform a proactive, pedestrian and rail based patrol, in order to deter, detect, respond and mitigate an attack in the most dense urban environment in the Western Hemisphere, the NYC Transit System. The Transit Bureau Canine Unit is the largest of the NYPD's canine units, and the largest mass transit specific unit in the Western Hemisphere. Because our canines are capable of being in dense crowds, the unit has also been tasked with covering all large events in NYC, such as the UN General Assembly, New Year's Eve, US National Tennis Open, all sporting events, and large parades. Over the years, my team and I have created highly advanced counter-terrorism tactics and deployments, and have responded to more terror attacks than any other canine unit in the United States. My team and I have been consulted to assist in the successful creation of other police canine units, and we continue to assist other canine units nationally and internationally on canine training, management, deployments, tactics and mitigation strategies. We work in close cooperation with federal, state and local partners to conduct multifaceted training sessions to strengthen the regional cooperation of canine interoperability. It is my distinct privilege to be in command of one of the most advanced canine units in the world. 


Sgt. Randy Brenner: is the Director of USS - K9 Solutions, Inc., located in Suffolk County, New York. Randy has been in law enforcement for over 20 years as well as the Director of Training, Patrol Supervisor and Canine Handler for the Canine Unit. In 2016 Randy was promoted to Sergeant Special Assignment. He assisted in the creation and implementation of the NYPD Transit Bureau Canine Unit, the Counterterrorism Canine Unit and the Vapor Wake Program. He also assisted the development of the Advanced Canine Detection Harness and was responsible for coordinating canine safety lectures in schools and outreach programs. Randy specializes in explosive detection and his knowledge and experience has increased the effectiveness both on the job and as director of USS - K9 Solutions, Inc.


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