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K9s Talking Scents

Mar 30, 2020

This is a double drop episode from my Interviews at the CNCA conference.  First up is Ted Daus who is well known in the K9 legal community.  Ted has extensive knowledge in the detection dog world with the numerous cases he has worked as a prosecutor in FL.  He is also a part of the HITS K9 seminars and gives classes all over the world, on topics such as record keeping and legal updates for K9 handlers.  you can email Ted at


Mel English is retired Las Vegas Metro K9 handler and Trainer.  Mel has extensive knowledge on detection and proofing / distracting odors.  Mel is owner of Battle Born K9 in Las Vegas and works with various agencies out west.  Mel is also member of the CNCA board and oversees education and training.  You can Email Mel


FORD K9 LLC - Ford K9 offers a variety of Webinars and Seminars. Webinars feature  Cameron Ford and Guests. We also offer Custom Trained Detection Dogs by Cameron for sale.... visit or email Cameron at


Canine Science online.  Do you want to take classes online and get more science-based K9 information? Go to

HITS K9 Conference:  Scottsdale AZ  August 18 to 21


Pacific Northwest K9 Association K9 Conference:  May 18 to the 22nd Walla Walla WA.  Register at


Georgia Police K9 Foundation:  As a foundation, we strive to ensure the proper training, training equipment and assist K9s and K9 teams. We provide education to the general public and city/county/federal agencies about the importance of K9s and what they do for our communities.