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K9s Talking Scents

Dec 23, 2019

For over a decade, Jo-Anne Brenner has developed and taught K9 emergency medicine programs for SAR, law enforcement and military K9 handlers and paramedics. She leads a team of multidisciplinary experts to customize education programs for specific environments and protocols including Canine-TCCC, K9-TECC, and wilderness protocols. Jo-Anne and the K9 MEDIC™ team have been privileged to serve teams including USAF PJs, ATF Special Operations Medics, CBP (BorSTAR/BorTAC) K9 Handlers and Medics, Georgia Emergency Management Agency teams and a wide variety of over 100 state and local EMS, law enforcement and SAR teams.

Jo-Anne is a recognized author and speaker for industry media. She was an American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) Veterinary Committee on Trauma (VetCOT) Prehospital sub-committees contributor and author for the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care K9-TECC Working Group. Throughout her careers, she has taught more than 10,000 students in 14 countries, and in five languages. 


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