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K9s Talking Scents

Jul 28, 2022

Episode 71 Protection through Detection...K9s in schools In this episode I speak with 2 K9 handlers in from the Clark County School District Police. Clark County is the 5th largest school district in the United States. CCSD Police has 6 dogs in their program.

Officer Woodland and his K9 Diamond detect Firearms on...

Jul 8, 2022

Episode #70 with Brad Gillespie 

Bradley Gillespie has been handling and training working dogs for 20 years. He has trained Police and Military dog teams globally. Brad is currently employed as a handler trainer with the second largest Police K9 program in Canada where he specializes in patrol, tactical team integration...

Jun 28, 2022

Episode #69 This is a Re-Do for Episode #66 with Simon Prins... that episode the audio was not good... SO we did a new show but this time in person AND in Video. Go to the Ford K9 Youtube Channel to watch this episode.

In this Episode we talk about the our mind set as handlers and trainers.  What are we communicating?...

Jun 8, 2022

Episode #68 Using Addiction for Detection Dog Training.

In this Episode Cameron and Michael talk about their joint training at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, as well as reviewing various detection dog training models to include aspects of Addictions in dogs to use for better detection dog...

May 26, 2022

In this Episode I speak with Craig Koshyk and Bart Rogers. We discuss the history of breeds and why they do what they do.  Often times decisions are made based off what a handler likes vs what a handler needs. Also, little is considered as to the genetic history of the dog. 

Craig Koshyk: Craig is a self proclaimed dog...