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K9s Talking Scents

Nov 26, 2021

In this Episode we speak with Ms. Natalie Dubrow from the USCSS and we talk about the trends we see in the sport of Nosework and Scentwork and remembering the reasons why many got into this sport and to focus on the FUN and enjoyment we get from doing this amazing activity with our dogs.  We cover some training tips as...

Nov 19, 2021

In this Episode I sit down again and talk with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff.  She has complete more research since the last time we talked to her and has focused on odor mixtures.  We talk about mixture vs cocktail and debunk a few myths that exist in the K9 world.

In my intro I cover the topic of FALSE ALERTS and what a 3...

Nov 12, 2021

The growth with the use of Detection Dogs has been rapidly expanding into all kinds of new areas. In this Episode we speak to Paris Nicholson who is the owner of PTA (Pipeline leak Training Acadamy). Paris Trains dogs and Handlers who want to get into the lucrative business of Pipe line leak detection.

Mr. Nicholson has...